Friday, January 7, 2011

Dithering Methods and Applications

This is a paper I wrote during my first year as a Grad Student. It covers the topic of Digital Halftones and Dithering. The paper was written with the intention of explaining the differences and general mechanisms for different dithering algorithms and to give the reader a solid understanding of why and when dithering is desirable. Below is the abstract followed by the link to the document.

In this paper, the topic of digital halftones, or dithering, is discussed. In particular, the methods of implementation are discussed for the three classical categories which are random, ordered, and error diffusion dithering. A good understanding of dithering is necessary prior to understanding how and when dithering is necessary or beneficial to the designer. This paper includes discussions of specific types of dithering including one of the most popular techniques called Floyd-Steinberg and also includes actual implementations in MATLAB [See Appendix]. Several applications will be discussed that encompass not only image processing but audio signal processing, and optics.

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