Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UWB Channel Model with People Shadowing Process

This past semester was my final semester as a Graduate at UNH. It certainly feels good to have made it this far in my education and looking back on what I have acquired in knowledge both through the University and through my own interests has astounded me. This paper was my very last paper I wrote and it was on quite an interesting topic concerning a UWB channel model with the People Shadowing Process (PSE).

Here is the abstract:
This report covers the topic described by, A Packet-Level Model for UWB Channel with People Shadowing Process Based on Angular Spectrum Analysis, written by Ruonan Zhang and Lin Cai. The presented closed-form solutions to Angular Power Spectrum Analysis, the People Shadowing Process, and the Finite State Markov Chain Model will be discussed and related to the general material learned during a graduate-level Wireless Communications course. Simulation results will be compared and analyzed. This paper will confirm that the results present by Ruonan Zhang and Lin Cai are valid methods to simulate the people shadowing process for a packet-level model for UWB channels.

Here is the link to the paper: PAPER