Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SSH X11 Forwarding

Here's a nice little trick for SSH users. Did you know that you can forward X11 traffic through an SSH connection? All you got to do is this:

If your SSH'ing to a linux machine from a linux machine just issue the command:

# ssh -X username@ipaddress

If your SSH'ing to a linux machine from a Windows machine you need get the following:
Xming X Server

You might also need to install some fonts found here (I however didn't need to do this):

  • Now just install Xming and the Fonts (if the Fonts are needed) into the default directory.
  • Then launch PuTTY and enter in the username@ipaddress into the "Host Name" field
  • Go to the Connection>SSH>X11 section in PuTTY and check the "Enable X11 forwarding" option
  • Also, if needed, set the "X display location" to localhost:0

Once you connect you will be able to issue commands in the command line as you would normally but also run programs that have a GUI. A really cool feature is that the windows are created in your local OS unlike VNC and RDP where the windows are bound inside the Remote Desktop Application window.

Note: The SSH Deamon running on the server might need to be configured to allow X11 Forwarding. Just do a google search to get this information (it generally just requires you to uncomment a line in a configuration file).


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neural Networks: Kohonen SOM Presentation

I just wanted to post a presentation I did in my first semester of Graduate school. This presentation was on a Neural Network algorithm called the Kohonen SOM (Self-Organizing Map). Developed by Mr. Kohonen, the Kohonen self-organizing map is an unsupervised, competative learning neural network. This means that the neural network organizes itself from the inputs it receives. The neurons in the network update themself on a winner-take-all basis; however, many Kohonen SOM systems extend this winner-take-all to a winner & neighbors take-all, where the winner gets a full update and the neighbors get a "weighted" update. Instead of me reiterating a lot that is mentioned in the presentation, take a look for yourself.

View the Presentation

This presentation is also highlighted on eceblogger.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Looking to start a new project, or get some components to re-fill your supply? I would like to recommend going to SparkFun.

Be warned though...there are a lot of cool things that have a tendency of draining your wallet. I went there with the intention of just grabbing a couple IR sensors and I left with about 20 other things...OUCH!

I will be posting the result of this purchase within the week...hopefully.