Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neural Networks: Kohonen SOM Presentation

I just wanted to post a presentation I did in my first semester of Graduate school. This presentation was on a Neural Network algorithm called the Kohonen SOM (Self-Organizing Map). Developed by Mr. Kohonen, the Kohonen self-organizing map is an unsupervised, competative learning neural network. This means that the neural network organizes itself from the inputs it receives. The neurons in the network update themself on a winner-take-all basis; however, many Kohonen SOM systems extend this winner-take-all to a winner & neighbors take-all, where the winner gets a full update and the neighbors get a "weighted" update. Instead of me reiterating a lot that is mentioned in the presentation, take a look for yourself.

View the Presentation

This presentation is also highlighted on eceblogger.

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